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Tomaso Albinoni
Tomaso Albinoni Transkription für Saxophon und Orgel von Giovanni Orsomando ANONYME: WERE YOU THERE & NOBODY KNOWS THE TROUBLE I SEE & DEEP RIVER

Paolo Sprovieri
from the 1990s, there have been a few exceptions, when collectors or institutions were paying: "Archaeology of light" (1995), which took place in the countryside near Rome, was subsidized

Laura Maria
There is no location where art could not be presented” (Ralph Ueltzhoeffer 2008). Search engine GOOGLE: Only when the artist Laura Maria May dealt with the subject of internet search

Hugo Kuchenbecker
died in New York City. He went to New York about 1846 and married there. He was survived by a son, Christian Hugo

Werner Sombart
Hauptmann and stay in Schreiberhau from 28th December to 13th January. There they meet, among others, the sociologist Werner Sombart, and, during a trip to Dresden, the painter Otto Mueller

Kim Jong
took office. There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea. Meeting with Kim Jong Un was an interesting and very positive experience. North Korea has great potential

Josiah Wedgwood
porcelain from Sèvre 18th century or the eccentric designs by Josiah Wedgwood. Of course there are other

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