Susanne Slangen
Anmeldung von uns beraten. 417 703 10 Teil 2 "Outcomes Pre-Intermediate", ab Unit 13 Susanne Slangen montags und donnerstags, 18:30 - 20:45 Uhr,ab 9. Apr. 30 Ustd

Patrick Feugier
Patrick Feugier Early And Late Outcomes Of Open And Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm Repair In Kidney Transplant Recipients: What Consequences For Renal Dysfunction O-022 Multicentric Long-Term Results

Fern Uni
während des Studiums; Modulbeschreibungen, Learning Outcomes Teilnehmende: Experten auf dem Gebiet der Hochschuldidaktik, des Distance Learnings und der Bildung mit neuen Technologien, Mitarbeiter EDUDL+ und anderer Dienste der Fern

Axel Finckh
risk for RA and patients with RA (Study lead: Axel Finckh) Standardizing physical function outcomes across the rheumatic diseases; The development of a common metric for physical function (Study lead

Katharina Costes
Christa Katharina Spie ... The parental leave benefit reform in Germany: costs and labour market outcomes of moving towards the Scandinavian model

Urban Allmen
Urban Spatial Planning Practices ... A Critical Reflection on Urban Spatial Planning Practices and Outcomes in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Andrew Brooks
business, technology and people and how they can converge for greater experiences and outcomes

Yves Schaap
Friday April 20, Krakow. Friday April 20, Krakow. ... René Rizzoli, Yves Rolland, Laura Schaap , ... Outcomes of the ESCEO Working Groups Jean‑ Yves Reginster

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