Rudolf Architects
Birkhäuser Verlag, will be presented at a panel discussion with Mathias Müller and other architects and experts involved

Anders Norén
part II ) starts from the same list of persons (mathematicians, physicists, artists, architects, composers

Mackenzie Tower
Architects Callum Fraser and Zahava Elenber of Elenberg Fraser’s have unveiled their newest residential project, the 33 Mackenzie Tower, which has erected at the edge of Melbourne’s Central

Eduard Rybi
architects were Eduard Rybi and Ernst Salchli. (Interestingly, they designed and built Berne s synagogue the same year.) The last service in the Lerberschule was on 15 July (with

Camille Alena
dallo studio di architettura KOSMOS architects si occupa delle transizioni ibride tra i paesaggi naturali, tecnici e digitali della Svizzera, creando inoltre – anche con performance ogni giorno diverse e realizzate

Pascal Grosfeld
unisce a Pascal Grosfeld costituendo l’attuale studio Grosfeld van der Velde Architects. ...Negli ultimi anni siamo cresciuti e il nostro team è composto da 16 architetti, ingegneri e disegnatori

Robert Rozbicki
Francisco Airport and Kaiser Permanente agrees: “ Having the right colour is important for both architects and occupants.” Researchers at the Berkeley Lab are already working

Steve Kennedy
Architects, Bart Maiorana, Steve Kennedy, Petra Kleegraefe Beteiligte Nemetschek Marken: Vectorworks Bowden Centre gewann die angesehensten Architekturpreise Australiens Das im Februar 2007 fertig gestellte Bowden Centre ist ein neues Bildungs

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