Thomas Gray
Reliques of Ancient English Poetry (1765). Thomas Gray , especially in his poems of the 1750s and, later, in his letters, was the first major poet to seek inspiration

William Sherman
Creek , Georgia (September 19–20), Grant was called to take command in that theatre. Ably assisted by William Sherman and Gen. George Thomas , Grant drove Confederate general Braxton Bragg

Thomas Watson
assistant, Thomas Watson , with the famous words that Bell transcribed in his notes as “Mr. Watson—Come here—I want to see you.” Initially the telephone was a curiosity

Peter Altmaier
Pflicht der Kanzlerin Warum es wichtig ist, genau zu wissen, was Angela Merkel, Peter Altmaier und Thomas de Maizière dafür getan haben, dass

Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr , thereby creating a tie because electors were unable to differentiate between their presidential and vice presidential choices. (The election of 1800 was finally

Thomas Sloan
same time Thomas Sloan had been promoted to Assistant General Freight Agent of the Sante Fe Railroad. This transitional Victorian/Craftsman house was designed in 1903 by the Allied Arts

Thomas Hardy
Thomas Hardy was completed in the fall of 2016. Facilities: The Thomas Hardy has an elegant entrance hall on the Diamond Deck (upper) with a reception and an on-board

Thomas Frei
Was können wir für euch tun? Braucht es eine Tourismusorganisation wie den GST noch oder wird das Marketing zur Sache der Hotels, der Events und der Bergbahnen? Thomas Frei

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